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Do’s and Don’ts For An Effective Marketing Video

Do’s and Don’ts For An Effective Marketing Video

Video marketing has become one of the latest trends in online advertising as they are yet to conquer other online marketing strategies. Even if some people are hesitant in Vodka138 online advertising into their business endeavors, the fact remains that video marketing is one great way to reach your target audience in the comfort of your own home.

Let me share with you the essentials tips on how to use video to help you – and avoid some of the common mistakes:

  1. Create a strategy.

No matter how much you think you know – your strategy for video marketing should be a step by step process that you follow on a day-to-day and track your progress on a weekly basis to make sure that you stay well-centered.

And since this is a “learning, learning” process, let me put a plan together for you first and then I can reduce the learning curve and the time factor of it all.

First, decide on the kind of video you want to create. Deciding to create a ” manufactures talk” video or a pitched presentation where you pitch, or tell, about your business, is a better approach than a voice over where you are just producing a promo for your new product line.

Once you decided on the kind of video you want to create, do some research on the market – what are the most popular videos that your target audiences are looking for? Now that you’ve realized what people like to watch or read, add a few things – such as appropriate music or related images that will tie in with your product line.

Select your video editor and begin building the video around this strategy. A well executed video takes more than just a good idea. It takes a great, well built script and the right video editing. “Video is more than a way of telling a story. It’s an opportunity to tell a great story.” These lines by Jason Favic, the guru of viral video – of which Jason is an active mullah of online marketing.

Research what your players in the business world are doing and follow their campaigns of video and other tools to get in their heads. It’s as easy as that. Training videos speak to your customers and potential clients at their core. When you get to know your customers, you can easily come up with product ideas to fit their needs.

  1. Don’t overlook the “old swipe” approach for your video.

Having a clear and direct message in your video is likely to make it an instant hit. How easy is it for your audience to follow your video’s message? You can use the “ping ploy” or the “write and release” copywriting technique where you work your video title in with a “call to action” and let them know what they have to do next.

Through this method, you are also maximizing your chance to build subscriptions for your list. However this technique is applicable only if you are promising something in return – and this incentive is the real reason why your video has been made, right?

  1. Build your own channel.

The fact that you can use a YouTube to promote your videos and share your link to the same blog you use to find the video about your business – gives you access to leveraging the traffic that comes from YouTube. YouTube also allows you to make a business channel where others can find your other marketing materials.

Customers tend to believe they have found the right channel and actually subscribe to your channel and get a free promotion twice or even more on the front end – which is a great opportunity for you.

If you want to know more about video marketing, you may want to check out this new Foundations DVD by Jason Favic, popular with most online marketers. But if you find it by yourself will it turn out to be the next big thing?

Published by Jason