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Do You Know the Easy Way of Betting Opportunities on Football Matches?

Do You Know the Easy Way of Betting Opportunities on Football Matches?

In part 1 of this article, we have broken down the game by match history analysing results, winning form, Home/Draw/ away form, handicap/points scoring form, score/no score results, push/labour situations, betting horizons and, of course, results boards.

In this part, we will look at match results, using the results boards from the same competitions that I have been following since the start of the current season (88 matches).

The results board from the Scottish League One, showing the 20 draws plus the 10 goals, gives a total of 30 goals. This is clearly above the expected 30/20 mark of the bookmakers, and suggests that the ability to produce a striking strike is quite low.

In the same leagues,we will find that there are frequently 2 or 3 draws with 10 or more goals, a very high proportion of which can be deemed as good value.

The Italian Serie A carries little value in terms of results, with the most number of goals being scored in the Racing Dives. So, if we select the Scuderiaallante chip marked with the date of the draw, we will find that very few matches are shown with a total of 7 or more goals, which is below the expected 15% of games that meet this criterion.

The French League 1, with 5 goals over the 7 matches, has the entertainment value, with the high number of low-scoring matches. All the leagues I follow have a maximum of 8 matches, so we can all enjoy a flutter on the form, or get stuck in with the underdogs for a present.

The problem is that you will find few “value bets” in the English Premiership, something that has been present in the lower leagues, yet seems to be more of a problem in the upper echelons of the division. With the advent of the internet, more and more “pokerlegenda” are setting up online betting sites, which provide a ready service, 24 hours a day, without the snobbish upper-class airs that the old fashioned bookmakers used to practice.

This can open up the game to those who would not otherwise have been kept interested, were it not for the bookies. Indeed, something that used to be exclusively the preserve of the aristocracy can now be played by those without money at home, provided they lay their hands on some of the better teams. A certain Amount of Luck is essential to winning bets, but even the best punter cannot guarantee success if his team fails to score enough points.

  • Consistent Accounts

The upsurge in the number of people playing online football betting has been far outweighing the growth in the marketing of the Betting Exchange. The key to this is the consistency of the bets that they offer. Any previous attempts at rigging the results by using manual trickery or animated betting daubers has long since been detected.

  • The Results Board

The forthrightness of the Results Board has long since eclipsed the traditional hierarchy of sports lists that were once common. At the bottom are theateurs, with no money to stake. Above them, are the sportsbooks, offering their predictions to bettors. At the top, you get the bookmakers picking their bets. Clearly, the Higher the ranking, the greater are the odds of the bets being correct.

Once you have selected a result, be sure you have made your calculation correct. Otherwise you will very likely be disappointed, even if you have picked the right result. Treat the bet as though it were your job, and you are a mere Ensuring that, no matter what the result, you know what you have picked.

  • Be sure to backtrack

The quality of the Betting Exchange’s tipping service makes a huge difference in the amount of money you can make by backing a result. So many of the better bookmakers offer a good tipping service, in exchange for a service fee that is rarely more than 5% of the odds that they win. Backtrack extensively and you will find a growing number of bookmakers and betting exchanges matching your exact bets, from the comfort of your own home!

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