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The Truth About Sports Handicapping

The Truth About Sports Handicapping

If you are interested in sports betting you have no doubt heard of sports handicapping. Many people believe that sports handicapping is a scam, others think it really does work. Who is right? It is certainly an intriguing way to try to make a profit while enjoying the games, but the answer is not so simple.

To understand the truth about sports handicapping you have to know what it is, how it is done, who the participants are, and the statistics they get. Just by knowing those simple facts you may be able to finally answer ‘Is sports handicapping a scam?’

Like any other sports betting method, there are two variations to sports handicapping known as the NBA (Basketball) and the MLB (Baseball). These two sports also have a high level of statistics that can be used. In fact, the statistics are so high that you would be hard pressed to find another method quite like it.

The breakdown of statistics involved in the sports handicapping process is as follows:

So as you can see, the statistics involve thoroughly pounded out details. Can you imagine being able to accurately predict the outcome of a baseball game, or even a NBA game? The answer is a huge yes. In fact the statistics are so high that even the most prolific of handicappers will have a hard time uncovering a winner.

The way around that, however, is with the right low value bet on a game that has value. For instance, when you look at the bet ticket you will see a line that says ‘Pick a team’. What this really means is pick a team in a game. If you think they may lose, you bet on their opponent. If you think they will win, you bet on their opponent.

The key to winning this type of bet is to have a good sports betting system. You really can’t succeed with just trial and error. You need a proven system. With a system you can win enough bets to make it profitable and win enough money to pay your blinds.

Also, unlike many other betting methods, you do not have to have expert mathematical skills or ability to mentalize betting odds. Those things do not help you, the system will. The system is all that is needed to win, the strategy, not an extra human emotion or ability to bet objectively.

The other point is that you need to bet, win, and win consistently in order to make a significant amount of money. And you need to be able to explain to yourself, and anyone else, exactly how you would have that high a percentage of winning.

In addition, since you are not betting on a calendar, but are placing bets on a team’s performance across multiple games, the results of those larger number of games are much more meaningful than the results of the first game. Your system should be able to handle a high volume of bets, like those placed by the bookies against all of those teams that performed so well on Tuesday. Your handicapping system should also be good enough to bet against a team, even if you think they are daylighting, so long as you have them pegged on a different Tuesday, one with a lower betting minimum.

For example, one team is playing tonight in which they have available MLB Betting Lines that go out as 10:50 A.S.P. Archie Manning and his Detroittainment team has produced a line of +175 on the Yankees. The next five days the Yankees are pitching against hitters named Barry Bonds, Cal Dirt Man, Sammy Sosa, and Kevin Brown. If you would like to keep betting on the Yankees, you might want to at least go as low as a +120 or +150 bet.

When you are ready to hit the book, start with a good system that covers your every bet on every game. If you are going to make this your only source of betting money, make sure that you live by the fact that if you lose it, you will have to rethink your Vegas88 strategy.

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