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Poker – Controlling Tilt

Poker – Controlling Tilt

Poker players will often tilt when they are tired or frustrated. Baseball players will often tilt when they are tired or frustrated. It is necessary to learn to control one’s attitude during a poker game and tilt is simply part of the game. In a recent article by Daniel Negreanu, titled “When to Step on the Maple Top”, it is revealed that he couldn’t resist collecting souvenirs from his Texas Holdem tournaments. He explained: “There’s nothing like a $1,500 weekend in Vegas: the big sound and the people are screaming, the lights are flashing, the smell of $800 cigars, the sound of thoseaya horns that for some reason always seem to go up in smoke.” But what Daniel Negreanu is about to reveal will blow your mind, and cause you to recall all the times you’ve twisted your ankle and neck while tossing your limp, wheezing self around. Here is Daniel’s fabrication of the physical toll taken on him during a poker game:

“My neck is killing me. My neck has been killing me for about three years. I played probably between 200 and 300 tournaments in the three years before I wrote this book. After those three years, the spin around my head got faster and faster and I could actually turn my head more in the opposite direction. That’s a very bad thing. At the table, you want to keep your eyes on your own hand, the people at your table, and the cards on the table. If you miss something, you miss it big time. But now, when I write about it, I kind of miss it, and it gets me mad. That’s kind of a backwards kind of thing you want to do.”

While it is kind of cool that Negreanu is a recognizable personality, fans of poker will likely still be scratching their heads over this particular lie. Is it just because he is stating his neck is killing him or is it because he actually hurt himself real bad? We are about to find out.

“I Need More Practice Before I’m ready to Play”.

Do you sometimes feel like you are really ready to play poker when you are still working on your fundamentals? frustration works, peaks and troughs and it can burn a hole in your pocket book. Before you commence playing for real money make sure you have at least 1000 hours of actual, live poker play in which you can gauge your level of ability against other players. You should have at least 20,000 hours of live play before you take the plunge.

“Can you teach me everything I need to know?”.

Ultimately, the answer to this particular question is – No. You can never know everything about poker. Just like you can’t master chess, you won’t learn poker in a day. One of the reasons that poker is so popular is because it is both a game of luck and skill. Players that are great at math, that know high- Kali, Wheeling systems, Risking Chances and Reward can and will make a huge impact on your bottom line earnings.

The fact is that many of the best players in the history of dewabet have been grinders. They did not and do not play on the cheap seats by sitting out most of their hands, waiting for premium hands. You’ll notice that the tables where they are sitting are usually paid positions and they have took what they learned and applied it to the tables. Its not about the money; it’s about self discipline and focus.

If there is a table you want to sit at, be ready to roll your dice. You are going to be waiting for solid, premium hands. When you have these, you are going to be aggressive and play to win. You will not apologize for taking advantage of people who are casual poker players. You will be able to take advantage of tight players, newbies and calling stations. When you are collecting chips, be sure and mark others on your list so you know when you are taking advantage of weak players.

You are not going to win every hand or be perfect. One of the first things you are going to do is learn to fold. Learn to where the flush draws and straight draws are and bet aggressively to push out those hands pre-flop. When you play a hand, you need to know basic odds on what the odds are that your opponent has and your hand is a favorite. Estimating your opponent’s range is a basic skill that you will need to master. You’ll have an idea when someone is drawing looking for three of a kind or a high pair. Whether you are playing online poker or live poker, you need to practice playing your opponents.

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