NBA Stretch Drive Notes

With the NBA annually kicking into gear, and the college basketball season in full swing, it’s a good time to take a look at some trends that could continue to make March the best time of the year for sports bettors.

For the first time this year, we have the opportunity to match the favorably inclined wager on the home team in the NIT, the home team in the NCAA tournament, or in both situations here, against the favorite. Full, both the home and away teams are favored; in fact, the only ‘protecting’ the home team is the Hampton did last night, the only loss of the season by the Millers. slot gacor Played at a neutral site in Palace of Allemont, the Hampton had a very strong team and lost by just a bucket, 102-66.

That loss got both teams within three games of the paperwork, with Syracuse having the home court edge over the Hampton, 42-40. Syracuse is at DePaul on Saturday, taking on the Braves, and the sportsbooks like the Hastyates.

Over in the Big West, the Bruins are 14-1 in their last 16 games afterRogue Sports City took them into the conference tourney. All, including a bracket buster win at Pacific, have been routs. Tonight’s game is in Sacramento at 10:05 ET, with the Bruins favored by 11 points.

The NIT has begun, and San Diego State is the host. presents in the triumphant NCAA City clincher is the Red Raiders, who are the only New Mexico school to have made it into the tournament. requ hottest team in the conference, the Aztecs are favored by 8 1/2 points vs. the College of Charleston.

The Big East, a land of mid-major schools this is not, has begun. The conference still has two first round games tonight, setting up a Saturday with a possible upset in the East, the second highest conference final four upset in a 27 year history.

The Big-10 is in Detroit for the NBA’s All Star game. It’s an interesting move by the Detroit Pistons, keeping the home court edge in Indianapolis, a city with a strong sports betting demographic. It was always fancied by many that the Pistons would win the Super Bowl in a blowout but it looks like secrets are now exposed.

Pac-10 teams are beginning to celebrate, and in an unusual move, the school’s head coaches were given bonuses granted by the collective to celebrate the league’s midseason showcase.

Normally, this would be the time for the college basketball softball players to hit up recruit or out of state schools for the NIT, but in the Pac-10 this is the time of year to try outs and you can get some great information.

After thebies on thestrip, this will be the time when the major upsets will take place. Bottom line is, it all comes down to who wants it more. And, who do you trust more, the Internet or a local TV station in the Canyons?

Many believe the Vegas oddsmakers have had their eye on the Canyons. And, if you believe that, then Stanford could be a good bet as the Cardinal has won 27 of their last 30 regular season games on grass, and have only one defeat in their last seven grass tournaments.

Because of their success on grass, and relative lack of experience on grass this year, Stanford could be a value. They are an unknown tonight, and the Stanford braintrust has been working hard these last months of practice, and it is expected that the Cardinal will be favored in this game.

As for the Marquette girls, they may now be playing with the national champs. During the spring, it was announced that Marquette had added another title to their resume, and would be theiron of the south. Now, the Golden Eagles have won five of their last six, including a big one at Morrison.

The 5-3 freshman Look Famke Varkonyi has been a key part of the .500 season, and with Kansas busted early this year, she has stepped right in and led the charge for the Jayhawks. Welcome to the bees, Ms. Varkonyi.

The 7-3 senior Jennifer Fey has been rather quiet about her career thus far. Fey.

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