Lottery Patterns That Work

There was a study recently undertaken by a group of MIT students aiming to discover the secret lottery patterns that could be used to predict the winning numbers. lumbung88 slot The focus of the research was to discover if there were any scientific or mathematical models that could predicts the winning numbers with a greater accuracy than random number generators.

The secret lottery patterns?

ANTicipation, as it turned out, had been leaking into the mathematical formulas used in Pick 4 Lottery for several years already by the time the research was completed. Understanding how to predict the winning numbers was the crux of the research.

In order to predict the winning numbers, the students used mathematical formulas, theoretical probabilities, and careful models to try to predict the winning numbers, and the final outcome was a perfect match!

Most people tend to vary the combinations with each drawing however the team took things a little more seriously and looked at the whole picture. By using the mathematical formulas they devised to predict the winning combinations, the students were able to make the Pick 4 Lottery as random as it could be.

Most people would think that picking the winning combinations must be an impossible task, however the truth is that it is not impossible with certain lottery techniques. The truth is that there are some very low odds for hitting the winning combinations and these lottery patterns have been around for many years.

The good news is that the students were able to discover lottery patterns that would predict the next winning Pick 4 number. The students were able to cover the cost of buying several tickets with the winnings they won. They won nearly $1,000,000 in just a few weeks.

Now that the students have won their lottery, students can be assured that they will be able to go on to complete their homework and do their taxes again in order to have a little bit more money to spend on their vacation. The students are scheduling their future winnings to go towards their college tuition.

The News reporters covering the story weren’t at all surprised by the students’ next big win, and neither were the people who designed the lottery. A news article by Thehma Cash in the Las Vegas Review Review Journal on May 2, 2007, discussed the win by a grandfather who had kept his $1.4 million Mega Millions jackpot to spend on college tuition. The grandfather, identified only as Robert, kept his millions in a bank account to protect it from inflation.

Most millionaires and great mathematicians are gifted with vast knowledge of the universe and ability to multiply small sums of money by a thousand times. Mathematicians work with numbers, and with numbers they always come in pairs, as the numbers are super-duper mathematical equals.

The Coming of the Internet Gambling Bill in the US

The new law coming into force in the US on the 15th of February 2007, dubbed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, makes it illegal to transfer money to an online gambling site by any means. However, the law allows incentives to be placed on the internet gambling sites to encourage people to play in their sites. This means that money can be shifted from one gambling site to another over the internet.

The money can cover anywhere on the globe, not just in the US. The effect of this law will hit all online gambling sites hard, and many of them will close down completely as gamblers flee from the law. However, a few gambling sites will remain and all those that remain will have to fight for your custom against a very powerful group, that have tremendous influence in terms of money and sway in public opinion.

The US gambling law applies only to the money that you actually placed down on the site. Online gambling sites do not store this money, and instead credit your account with the amount you won.


Online gambling has been a hugely popular activity with the public, as well as professional gamblers. It remains to be seen if the new law will have an effect on the amount of people who take part in online gambling, but at a time when many people are less comfortable giving their real names online, it could hardly be expected that this law would have had any effect on the numbers of people who enjoy online gambling.

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