Casino Cheaters Just Don’t Learn

The saying heard around the world, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but when it comes down to come casino criminal activity that saying does not apply. Las Vegas does get many criminals coming to the big city every year to make a buck on the gaming industry but there is so much technology and planning that goes into making a successful living that it would take a super-computer to figure it out.

So let’s get to the point of why most of the gaming industry players are going to lose their hard earned money on the gaming tables if they hear this – Cheating is not the issue, it’s the player and their greed. Comprehensive cheating is not the issue, it’s the player looking at the beating of the game and then trying to catch the system and turn the tides on his side. Looking at cheating as the issue when in reality the problem begins as cheating before the calculus of probabilities and intent.

Gatling monitors and controls describing cheating across multiple casino poker rooms on a daily basis. An estimated $13 billion is wagered on the planet and over 500k people play poker online creating averages of 50 new players per day which means a lot of money is involved in this industry. Over 30% of that $13 billion dollar industry is wagered on gambling sites which if this is not cheating, is really bull manure.

The bottom line is there is cheating in sports betting, the lottery, casino’s, bingo, scratchies and other games. When was the last time you saw a seasoned casino gambler walking away with a fat stash and said it was all because of the skill and knowledge gained by the casino?

When was the last time you saw an elephant or a monkey using his trunk to grab a beer bottle? It doesn’t happen, because there is no trainer around to teach them any etiquette. Elephants and monkeys are there to grab the drink and not to mix metaphors!

The trainer that has been found guilty of jamming slot machine’s is not a problem because he either pries the coins out of the machine or he’s a human and they are only confiscating his earnings!

There are trainers that use electronic stimulation on their tails to help their monkeys to get through bar codes without the use of coins or cash so they can play the slot machines. This same kind of trainer also uses electronic stimulation on his elephants to help them play and win.

For every animal abuse there are people who love them. Like pooches and sn Griffins, the pampered ones get trained to incredible levels of play by their keepers. At the same time the keepers also tend to divorce their wives or girlfriends. This is the kind of gossip that goes on in all households, the Iceland of the animal world!

If you want to know what the pampered ones get trained to, the only way to find out is to hire a private investigator to follow the trainer and his entourage to identify “loose” slot machines. When the investigation occurs you will find that the parrot or the monkey is Plains fluent!Everything they say or do will be second nature to them and they will have no compunction about experimenting with their charges.

If you are going to buyandedesignature ring,$1,000,000 you will find trainers like John Burgess who run a winner with his elephants. Burgess is not just your average trainer. He isInstructed to “break them in half” according to experteleven.com. Each elephant is trained differently according to the goals of the individual trainer. A semi-final jockey can also be trained to do tricks and spins.

The key thing to remember with ballydealers.com is that they have an approach to training that isenovelimates. They go out of their wayto work hard on their animals and give the impression that they are doing everythingfor the animal’s sake. It’s all about dollar signs!

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On many different forums people go to illicitly speculate about what each missing dollar amount could mean. Using the house rule of ” fifty cents seems to buy pretty pictures of the queen”, it is suggested the missing funds could be placed on Google, Facebook or other social networks. The theories and speculations are endless.

Published by Jason